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Our Purpose

Wind power is changing the world. And wind is also a fast-growing part of TotalEnergies’ global ambition to lead the energy transition to carbon neutrality in the power industry by 2050.

TotalEnergies is on track to install 100 gigawatts (GW) of renewable power capacity by 2030, making us one of the world’s top five producers of renewable energy. We have already developed a 25 GW wind power portfolio in less than three years. That’s 25 billion watts of renewable electric power, the equivalent of over 32 million horsepower, and enough to power more than 18 million homes.

And there is much more to come. 

The TotalEnergies Way

Wind power is an essential component of our future growth in renewables. TotalEnergies is a major player in onshore wind and a world leader in offshore wind.

We believe that is because we do things differently. The word ‘Total’ in our name is something we take very seriously. We offer a total renewable energy solution, from energy strategy to design to installation to management and maintenance.

And our service is a single-contact integrated service. Our clients know who they need to call from day one, a single contact who works with the client on everything from design, construction, production and distribution. This is how we can deliver truly customized solutions at least as fast as generic projects.  

Our Assets & Expertise

TotalEnergies works with national and local governments, project developers, banks and investors. And we have a long history of building consensus on the design and management of win-win projects that benefit policymakers, communities and society at large.
Our clients choose us because we have a unique historical and geographical footprint. Our business goes back almost one century, and we have half a century of experience in developing an operating renewable power installation. Our international multi-energy footprint with a presence on the ground in 130 countries is unique to TotalEnergies.

We operate an integrated design-to-delivery approach to renewable projects, grounded in what we call One Tech. That means everything a client needs to realize a renewable project from core research and development to project analysis and technical deployment right up to the initiation of construction is under one roof.

And we are committed to the renewables business and the contribution it can make to decarbonizing the world. Our commitment is embedded in our teams of experts in the entire renewable project cycle, from origination to development and construction, to financing, asset management and power off-take optimization. 

From Know-How to Can-Do

TotalEnergies has a long history of working with national and local authorities, local communities and a diverse range of partners in the economy to deliver renewable power projects that benefit everyone.

We believe in long-term partnerships that will allow all energy optimization opportunities to be explored, including hybrid solutions, battery storage and energy efficiency innovations. We can support those long-term partnerships, delivering an integrated renewable service while leveraging the fact we are a global and permanent presence.

Our wind power business is growing, day by day. Our offshore and onshore wind teams are passionate and dedicated to making wind power an indispensable component of the transition to renewable, clean power. We blend in-house capability and decades of experience with the best of industry resources and skills, and we use those capabilities to build long-term relationships with outstanding partners. Rigorous health and safety standards, sustainability in everything, fairness and ethical practice are the foundations of our collaborative business.