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Our Solar Solutions

We design, build, finance and operate solar power stations on rooftops, carports and on the ground, and supply competitively-priced solar power, with no investment on your part.

The advantages:

  • Take your CSR commitments to the next level, lower your CO2 emissions
  • Cushion your exposure to fluctuation in electricity prices
  • Sidestep the risk of disruptions in the public grid
  • Put vacant space to smarter use with tailored solutions
  • Invest nothing and start harnessing the benefits immediately
  • Network support service via energy storage yards

Project phases

  1. 1


    Qualification: review site location, ownership deed, electricity tariff and bills, and load profile; identify available areas.

  2. 2

    Preliminary study: conduct site technical survey, outline the existing power network and site, calculate expected yields, assess customer’s financial health.

  3. 3

    Contractual agreement: customer secures in-house approval and formally agrees to let us use the area for the photovoltaic system, we submit a PPA or leasing arrangement.

  4. 4

    Execution: engineering, procurement and construction, HSE authorizations, efficiency tests, connection, commissioning.

  5. 5

    Power production: power station operation and maintenance, customer care (billing, reporting, etc.), customer access on web portal.

Our commitment and expertise


  • We provide tailored services and integrated solutions covering everything from concept to commissioning. 
  • Our professional teams cover every field of expertise in the value chain, spanning engineering, design, project management, and structured legal and financing arrangements. 
  • We know the solar technology we use: we are leaders in the field, have been investing in R&D for 40 years, manufacture our own cells and panels, and have extensive experience building and operating solar power stations. 
  • Our health, safety and environmental standards are as uncompromising as our commitment to dependable solar power supplies.
  • The operational excellence we bundle into construction, supervision and maintenance throughout the solar power station’s life stems from our leadership in the industrial and commercial market.
  • We believe in long-term partnerships and will explore other optimization opportunities beyond solar power (hybrid solutions, wind farms, battery storage, energy efficiency, etc.).
  • A global and permanent presence to develop your solar solutions wherever you go around the world. 
  • A long-term partner on your premises and a single correspondent for all your projects at TotalEnergies Renewables.