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13/07/2023 News

Warning: Fraud and Scam Attempts

TotalEnergies has been informed of several instances where fraudsters use the name of its Company, its entities and its collaborators, as part of fraud schemes or scams.
Such brand impersonations can include fake offers of products, employment or services, fraudulent financial investment programs or even fake orders. 
We strongly recommend you to be extremely vigilant before sharing your data or entering into a contract, in particular by carefully checking the domain names used (email address or website address, and telephone number), which are deliberately misleading.

Here are some rules of vigilance to remember:

  • Do not give in to unusual, confidential, or urgent requests. Check the sender’s email address carefully if in doubt, when you receive a call or are notified of a change of address, always refer to your usual contact person by phone to double check ;

In France, the General Directorate for Competition Policy, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control provides practical guidance in order to avoid these situations: DGCCRF |

If you are located abroad, we invite you to check with your local regulators or agencies for any additional guidance. 

Regarding financial scams, the French Securities Regulators AMF has warned of an upsurge in fraudulent offers of investments and various financial services to the public, which may take the form of impersonation and identity theft of the names of listed companies and their employees. If you think you are the victim of such a fraudulent behavior, you may want to contact the dedicated hotline set up by the AMF (Epargne Info Service - +33(0)1 53 45 62 00) or consult the website, section "espace épargnants – protéger son épargne – éviter les arnaques”.

In the unfortunate event that you have been a victim of such behaviors, we invite you to file a complaint as soon as possible. If you are based in France, you will find all the information relating to the filing of a complaint on the website of the public service at the following address:” If you are located outside of France, we invite you to check with you local authorities.