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Solar power costs less and is more reliable

Technological breakthroughs over the past 10 years have significantly reduced photovoltaic power production costs. It is true that solar power prices vary according to several factors including the materials you use, the installation’s nameplate capacity (in watts-peak), the direction the panels are facing and their tilt, the power station’s geographic location, the position of the buildings relative to the equator and how sunny or otherwise the area is. Increasingly, solar power costs less than grid power in most countries and therefore, savings begin as soon as the photovoltaic power station starts producing electricity.

Solar power is also a valuable cost-management tool because it is not linked to fluctuation in commodity prices, so its costs are stable and predictable.

Enhancing energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is the other lever to lower your energy bills. GreenFlex has been helping businesses to harness growth opportunities arising from the ecological transition since 2009 and sees its mission as “integrating sustainable development into the economic reality of companies.”

GreenFlex, which became a Total group affiliate in 2017, will run your operation through an energy audit and roll out the integrated solutions it prescribes with you. These integrated solutions may include circular economy loops, optimizing industrial processes, creating value through responsible marketing and various other upgrades. GreenFlex’s and Total Solar’s products and services, combine into 360-degree solutions that will help your company shrink its environmental footprint, lower its costs and sharpen its competitive edge.

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