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Photovoltaic electricity versus grid electricity

On a worldwide scale, photovoltaic power generates 8 times less carbon than grid power: a survey by ADEME, France’s Environment and Energy Management Agency (available in French here), shows that a photovoltaic system generates 55 grams of CO2 on average to produce 1 kilowatt-hour whereas France’s overall energy mix generates 82 grams and the worldwide average stands at 430 grams. These figures are based on a solar panel’s full life cycle. Total Solar is breaking new ground on several fronts including eco-design, module efficiency and waste recycling, and shrinking photovoltaic technology’s carbon footprint ever further in the process. Our Ecosolutions-certified panels are 85% recyclable (they are mostly made of glass and aluminum) and our solar power stations produce 10 to 30 times more energy than they consume over their 30-year lives.

A strong asset for your company

Public opinion is increasingly aware of the challenges of sustainable development and responsible consumption. Companies and investors are particularly concerned and are amplifying this movement. In the last ten years, global photovoltaic capacity has increased 60-fold, from 6.7 GW (2006) to 401 GW (2017).

Solar energy is an increasingly accessible opportunity for companies wishing to diversify their energy mix and improve their environmental footprint. Clean, cheaper and safe, it is a strategic investment valued by customers, employees and shareholders alike.

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