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Turning available space into cash flow streams or savings

Your company probably isn’t benefiting as much as it could from the production plants, warehouses, retail premises or office buildings it owns. We want to turn that unused space into value. A photovoltaic power station in an unused and unshaded spot—on a building, over a parking lot or on the ground—can bring in additional cash flow streams or reduce your company’s energy bill.

When we take on a project, we finance and operate the photovoltaic power station and you have two options: you can buy the solar power and use it as a renewable source of energy for your business, or you can let Total Solar use your available space and we pay you rent.

In other words, you can extract value from your land and property in one of two ways: consuming the solar power from the plant on your premises or charging us rent every month for the duration of the lease. And you don’t need to invest any time, money or skills either way.

Generating value from land

Building photovoltaic panel arrays on vacant plots of land is one of the options. Ground-mounted solar farms, in other words, are one way of putting land that is unfit for building or farming (for example industrial or military brownfields, closed landfills, quarries or dumps, etc.) to responsible use.

We will explore the opportunities to build a photovoltaic power station on your vacant land, i.e. to turn your unused and unshaded plots into economic, clean and secure green power generation unit.

Developing renewable energies does not just make ecological sense: these energies are bringing about growth opportunities for businesses and Total Solar will help you seize them by reviewing the options then building the power station and operating it.

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