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The Total Group's integrated model

Total Solar

The Total group’s ambition—to become the responsible energy major—is geared to addressing soaring demand for electricity while stemming climate change. We can do both because we have an integrated strategy: we are the world’s fourth-largest ENERGY major and active throughout the solar, oil and gas value chain. In other words, we discover, produce, process, market and distribute oil, gas and solar energy all the way to end customers in a variety of forms.

We create value, invent technology and introduce game-changing products and services for our customers in every link in those chains. This integrated model gives us an edge and puts us in a league of our own. It gives us the resilience we need to navigate instability around the world while doing more to protect the environment.

Active throughout the photovoltaic solar value chain

Saft 2

Our teams have been working at the cutting edge of solar power technology for more than 40 years. We are an integrated player and active throughout the photovoltaic solar value chain, manufacturing solar cells on one end, selling solar power (which we produce or otherwise) on the other, and storing electricity in-between.

We have built this 360-degree operation at Total Solar by teaming up with affiliates around the group and pooling their complementary fields of expertise.

SunPower manufactures and sells the most efficient solar panels on the market. And they are the only ones that include 25-year warranties covering the products, services and power output.

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Saft is bringing our teams the singular and strategic expertise that it has been honing for 100 years in a branch of knowledge that is opening the door to 24/7 solar power supply worldwide: electricity storage.

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GreenFlex integrates sustainable development into the economic reality of companies, combining data intelligence, equipment management and financing solutions to help customers step up their energy efficiency.

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Total Eren is an independent producer of electricity from renewable energies, having built up a substantial and diversified international portfolio of assets (solar, wind, hybrid).

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Total Quadran, a Total subsidiary since 2018, develops, builds and operates renewable electricity production facilities (wind, solar and hydroelectric power) with a strong presence in France and his overseas territories.

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Know more about us by visiting our Total Solar Distributed Generation ME website

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