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Country : France

Power Capacity : 1.4 GWh

Commissioning : 2019

Partners : TotalEnergies, Saft

The project that TotalEnergies started working on in 2018 in Poitiers was aimed at achieving two goals: reducing the Saft industrial plant’s substantial energy bill and at the same time curbing its environmental impact. We installed photovoltaic panels on carport rooftops, which blend into the landscape, to do both. Besides providing shade and protection for Saft employees’ parked cars, TotalEnergies’ solution produces 1.4 GWh of renewable energy directly on site each year.

TotalEnergies’ teams worked at our subsidiary Saft’s plant in Poitiers (France), installing 2,730 solar panels on 5,500 sqm of carport rooftops. Saft's plant principally produces high-value-added cells and batteries for the electronics, space and defense sectors.