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Active on all continents

Our Group is the world’s fourth-largest energy major and a leader in photovoltaic solar and other low-carbon energies. Total’s 100,000 people in 130 countries on every continent have extensive experience developing and delivering large-scale solutions around the planet.

We have a full range of complementary fields of expertise, covering consulting on solar power projects, storage and distribution, so we can deliver a full solution covering every link in the photovoltaic chain, wherever you need it.

Legal expertise across borders

Our 100-plus years of experience in the energy sector have afforded us valuable insights into the legal environments in many countries. This knowledge is vital to deliver solutions on a national or international scale in this tightly regulated industry.

At Total Solar, in other words, we make sure that differences in regulation from one country to another do not hamper your strategy to roll out solar power across your operation. From their vantage point, our teams can foresee and avoid the administrative and tariff-related issues that can hold back solar projects in your host countries.

This means that we can deliver your solar solutions around the world—and save a lot of time in the process.

Business development and the network

The Total group’s workforce comprises 150 nationalities. And that is only one reason why you can count on our solid understanding of the political and social situation in the geographies you want to move into.

Our teams are in touch with the key networks when it comes to designing and rolling out projects involving any kind of photovoltaic system. We are able to work with the national-level government agencies and business organizations in Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia, so we are confident that we can accomplish all type of projects in all sorts of social and economic settings.

These solid local roots have put Total Solar and SunPower in a position to deliver and operate a number of solutions including the Prieska solar farm in South Africa (which is powering 75,000 homes), the Nanao solar power station in Japan (almost 9,000 homes) and the La Mède station (part of France’s first world-scale biorefinery).

Multi-site Projects

One of the advantages of solar power plants is that they usually produce electricity in or near the areas where it is consumed. Besides building and operating utility-scale solar farms, we are developing decentralized photovoltaic systems to tap into each site’s potential. And, as we are active around the world, we are in a position to roll out projects in multiple sites across several countries and/or regions at the same time.

And we are doing that in-house: for example, by 2021, we will have set up solar panels in 5,000 Total service stations and 300 industrial plants in 65 countries.

Solar-powering 5,000 service stations around the world

Good practices start at home:

This plan to solar-power 5,000 Total service stations, involving a $300 million investment and using solar panels from our affiliate SunPower—the most cost-effective and hard-wearing products on the market—will add up to installed capacity to generate 200 MWp.

It will reduce 100,000 metric tons from the Group’s CO₂ emissions and save $40 million a year. This is one example of our drive to become the responsible energy major.

Examples of Solar power solutions

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