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Safety is our overarching priority

Safety is a the core value for us at Total Solar, and for everyone else in the group, and we factor it into every operational and strategic decision we make. We have embedded safety in all of our everyday processes to do that. And everyone—our managers, employees, partner businesses and local stakeholders—share the same goal.

Health, safety and environment

Total Solar applies the most stringent HSE standards at every phase—from the environmental assessment to design and construction and on to recovery and recycling at the end of a plant’s life—around the world. At our request, our PV suppliers have joined PV Cycle, a certified organization that processes used photovoltaic panels and recycles defective modules or systems at the end of their life.

Our HSE policy cascades into detailed and structured operational processes: we identify risks, prevent them, provide training, embark processes on continuous improvement cycles and track progress. Keeping people healthy and safe, and keeping the environment clean, is everyone’s job.

For example :

  • 99.3% of Total’s
  • 100,000 employees worldwide have regular medical checkups
  • we recycle 58% of the waste we produce.


Ecosolutions-certified modules

Total Solar can supplies the most efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions on the market. And we can do that because we can integrate our affiliate SunPower’s photovoltaic technology into our solutions. These panels generate 40% less CO₂.

Total introduced this certification mechanism in 2009 to endorse all group products and services that combine average or higher quality standards with below-average environmental impacts. Total Ecosolutions complies with all ISO 14020 and 14021 requirements and its certification mechanism has been accredited by an independent expert.

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